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Aggregation of resin-bound peptides during solid-phase peptide synthesis


Nonrandom incomplete aminoacylation of a pendent peptide chain on an insoluble polymeric support during custom peptide synthesis is sequence-dependent and is caused by aggregation of peptide chains, manifested by a decreased swelling capacity. The volume of the swollen peptidyl-resin after each coupling during the syntheses of 87 sequence unrelated peptides was measured, and for each amino acid an aggregation parameter, ???Pa???, was derived that reflects the propensity of the swollen volume of peptidyl-resin to decrease during  custom peptide synthesis. These aggregation parameters were used to predict potentially difficult sequences.

A synthetic strategy for the formation of resin-bound internal alpha-keto amide peptides suitable for protease inhibitor screening on solid support is presented. This general approach is based on the incorporation of alpha-keto amide building blocks during solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). Such dipeptidyl building blocks were accessible using the acylcyanophosphorane methodology. The acid-labile alpha-keto carbonyl functionality was protected as a 1,3-dithiolane derivative.

 This protective group is fully compatible with standard SPPS reaction conditions and can be efficiently removed with N-bromosuccinimide in 10% aqueous acetone. The alpha-keto amide peptides were assembled on SPOCC-1500 resin and were characterized with high-resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) NMR on bead. The methodology was evaluated and tested with a variety of building blocks containing natural and nonnatural amino acid moieties.

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