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Electrochemical deblocking using a hydrazine derivative


 The present paper reports using 5-(5-chloro-2,4-dihydroxyphenyl)imidazo[4,5-d] [1,3]thiazin-7(3H)-one (CIT) and different characterized nano-materials (nano particles based on silica (MCM-41)) and carbon (reduced graphene oxide (RGO), carbon Nano-tubes (CNT) and the mixture of them (CNT/RGO)) in the carbon pate electrode (CPE) structure as new platforms for hydrazine determination. The main purpose of this paper is investigation of effect of silica and carbon nanomaterials on the electrochemical behaviour of the various designed sensors (CIT/MCM41/CPE, CIT/RGO/CNT/CPE, CIT/RGO/CPE and CIT/CNT/CPE) for hydrazine analysis.

  Under the optimum conditions, some kinetic parameters of modifier such as electron transfer coefficient (α) and heterogeneous rate constant (k) for hydrazine were obtained. The observations revealed that using nanomaterials of  MCM-41, RGO, CNT and RGO/CNT has a key role in decreasing oxidation potential and increasing oxidation peak currents, obtaining wider linear range and lower detection limit. The results indicated that CIT/MCM41/CPE sensor possess two linear ranges (0.01–0.032 μM and 1.0–200 μM) and a lower detection limit (0.0033 μM based on 3Sb/m

  The hydrazine derivative has at least one hydrazine group having at least one hydrogen. The hydrazine derivative provides acidic reagent when an electrode is active and isolates the acidic reagent to the area around the active electrode. The salt is an organic salt or ionic liquid having a concentration sufficient to provide electrochemical conductivity under an applied voltage. During the applied voltage, acidic reagent is generated, which removes acid-labile protecting groups thereby allowing continued addition of monomers to build a custom microarray of oligonucleotides, custom peptide synthesis, or other polymers.
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