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Fmoc Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis


Synthetic peptides are important as drugs and in research. Currently, the method of choice for producing these compounds is custom peptide synthesis. In this nonspecialist review, we describe the
Preparation of peptide thioesters was conducted through peptide chain construction with Fmoc-solid-phase custom peptide synthesis is is on a 2-chlorotrityl resin followed by coupling with HS-(CH 2 ) 2 -COOEt and deprotection with 95% aqueous CF 3 COOH. The peptide thioester corresponding to a transmembrane segment of the calcium channel (S4 in repeat IV) thus obtained was introduced onto a peptide template to give an artificial four-helix-bundle protein.
general synthetic method for the efficient preparation of Tyr(P) -containing peptides is described by the use of Fmoc-Tyr(PO31Bu2) -OH in Fmoc/solid-phase synthesis followed by simultaneous cleavage of the peptide from the resin and peptide deprotection by acidolytic treatment. The applicability of this approach is demonstrated by the synthesis of H-Ser-Ser-Ser-Tyr(P) -Tyr(P) -OH.TFA and the synthesis of the phosphorylated forms of the two physiological peptides, angiotensin II and neurotensin 8a??13. In addition, the three phosphorylated peptides were used as substrates in the study of the local specificity determinants of T-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase. 
custom peptide synthesis
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