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Method for synthesizing cilastromycin polypeptide


The invention discloses a method for synthesizing a custom peptide synthesis, comprising the steps of: sequentially connecting a starting material of 2-chloro-triphenyl chloride resin, and sequentially connecting an amino acid having a protecting group according to a solid phase synthesis method to obtain protection. The 21 peptide resin, in which the Fmoc-protecting group is sequentially removed, the TFA is cut into peptides to obtain a crude product, and the crude product is separated and purified by a C18 column, and after lyophilization, cilastromycin is obtained. The method of the invention has the advantages of stable process, convenient source and auxiliary materials, short production cycle, high yield, stable quality, low production cost, high yield of peptide, avoiding the use of highly toxic reagents such as hydrogen fluoride, and less pollution of the three wastes. The yield of each peptide was 98.5% or more; the yield after peptide digestion was 98.3%, the total yield was 47.9%, and the purity of the product by HPLC was 99.6%.
custom peptide synthesis are a class of biologically active substances. In this paper, the synthesis of peptides was reviewed from the aspects of chemical synthesis and biosynthesis. Solid phase synthesis, liquid phase segmentation synthesis, Staudinger junction, natural chemical bonding, photo-sensitive auxiliary-based connections, and removable auxiliary-based connections were introduced. , chemical region selection and linkage, amino acid carboxylic acid anhydride (NCA) method, combinatorial chemical method, enzymatic hydrolysis method, genetic engineering method, fermentation method and other synthetic methods and their advantages and disadvantages, the development of peptide synthesis methods and the field of traditional Chinese medicine resources The application has been prospected and provides a reference for related research.
custom peptide synthesis
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