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Peptide synthesis. Part 8. A system for solid-phase synthesis under low pressure continuous flow conditions


Exemplified on fifty derived from proteins of the (), we summarize our experiences with rapid solid-phase multiple synthesis under low-pressure continuous-flow conditions on standard -based resin in a series of concatenated flow reactors with adjustable volume. Alternatively, multiple batchwise synthesis in plastic syringes may be used as a still simpler but a more elaborate procedure. Completeness of acylation of resin-bound free amino groups was monitored by the bromophenol blue.

 Efficiency of the coupling reaction was increased by exposure to elevated temperature in an ultrasonic bath. Up to 100 mg of crude were purified on a mass-overloaded Vydac reversed-phase semipreparative HPLC column in one run, this procedure ensuring high recovery of homogeneous . The synthesized were serologically relevant to the detection of anti-antibodies in positive sera.

Details are given of a novel technique for solid-phase custom peptide synthesis under continuous flow conditions. The resin support is a poly(dimethylacrylamide) gel polymerised within the pores of rigid macroporous kieselguhr particles. Manual and semiautomatic (microprocessor controlled) instrumentation is described for the use of this resin in synthesis. The method is illustrated by preparation of a pentadeca custom peptide synthesis related to the repeating unit of adenovirus tail fibre. The value of continuous spectrometric monitoring of solid-phase synthesis is discussed.
custom peptide synthesis
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