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Product: Custom Peptide Synthesis


PEP custom peptide synthesis platform facilitates high throughput synthesis of custom peptide libraries (6-20 amino acids) comprising thousands of peptides at 70% purity. Higher purity development is also available. Peptides are synthesized in quantities from 0.5 - 3 mg, in which 100% of the peptides are analyzed by MALDI-TOF mass spectroscopy. Peptide libraries can be synthesized, analyzed and delivered in less than 7 days. The libraries can be used in applications such as: epitope mapping, interaction profiling, substrate specificity profiling, vaccine development, immunogen detection, peptide microarray production, protein-protein (or receptor-ligand interactions) and alanine scans.
Cell‐free systems exploit the transcription and translation machinery of cells from different origins to produce proteins in a defined chemical environment. Due to its open nature, cell‐free protein production is a versatile tool to introduce specific labels such as heavy isotopes, non‐natural amino acids and tags into the protein while avoiding cell toxicity. In particular, radiolabelled peptides and proteins are valuable tools for the functional characterization of protein–protein interactions and for studying binding kinetics. In this study we evaluated cell‐free protein production for the generation of radiolabelled ligands for G protein‐coupled receptors (GPCRs). These receptors are seven‐transmembrane‐domain receptors activated by a plethora of extracellular stimuli including custom peptide synthesis ligands. ManyGPCRpeptide ligands contain disulphide bonds and are thus inherently difficult to produce in bacterial expression hosts or inEscherichia coli‐based cell‐free systems. Here, we established an adaptedE. 
custom peptide synthesis
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