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Second International Conference on Medical Innovation and Development Forum on Advanced Technologies and Applications of Peptide Drugs


On September 7, 2018, the Second International Conference on Medical Innovation and Development opened in Yantai, a beautiful coastal city. With the theme of "Innovation, Cooperation, Investment and Win-Win" and the support of the Forum on polypeptide frontier technology and application, the event attracted more than 200 pharmaceutical colleagues from the field of biopharmaceuticals to attend the event and share a scientific feast from the forefront.

The conference invites some 20 experts and scholars from world-renowned polypeptide drug research and development enterprises, domestic well-known polypeptide drug production enterprises and other biopharmaceutical industry leaders to focus on the important issues of research and development, production, quality management, regulatory requirements and development prospects of polypeptide drugs at home and abroad. At the special invitation of Yantai Municipal Government, Dr. Wang Liangyou, Chief Engineer of Tianji Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Suzhou Tianma Pharmaceutical Group, was invited to attend the International Conference on Medical Innovation and Development, and gave a special speech on the development of production technology of polypeptide drugs at the Forum on the frontier technology and application of polypeptide drugs, which received warm applause from the participants.

Peptide drugs have the advantages of small dosage, high curative effect, fast absorption and small side effects, which have unique prospects. At the same time, they have incomparable characteristics of other drugs: (1) basic materials are easy to obtain; (2) high efficacy, low side effects, no accumulation of poisoning; (3) widely used, a wide variety of new drugs emerge endlessly in the treatment of AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes and chronic diseases. Pain and other aspects of the effect is remarkable. Peptide drugs are the most active and fast-growing part in the field of pharmaceutical research and development, and one of the most promising industries in the 21st century. Suzhou Tianma Pharmaceutical Group Tianji Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the research and development, production and marketing of polypeptide drugs for many years. Among them, Thymus Faxin successfully passed the GMP certification of Korea KFDA in 2017. The company will also aim at the registration and certification of polypeptide drugs in Europe and America, laying a solid foundation for the sustained and healthy development of polypeptide products.
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