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Storage and Handling Guidelines for Custom Peptides


Synthetic custom offer a rational, scalable, and ever more affordable approach for exploring -interactions or even more complex phenomena, such as directed against specific epitopes. As the use of such increases, it becomes increasingly important to consider all relevant factors when designing and using . This unit aims to provide guidelines for the storage and handling of custom , to enable the user to achieve optimal results when using in their experiments. It also discusses the implications of the presence of certain amino acids in the sequence and suggests design considerations to help achieve desired outcomes.
Phage display technology is undoubtedly a powerful tool for affinity selection of custom peptide synthesis. Commercially available premade phage libraries allow us to take screening in the easiest way. On the other hand, construction of a custom phage library seems to be inaccessible, because several practical tips are absent in instructions. This paper focuses on what should be born in mind for beginners using commercially available cloning kits (Ph.D. with type 3 vector and T7Select systems for M13 and T7 phage, respectively). In the M13 system, Pro or a basic amino acid (especially, Arg) should be avoided at the N-terminus of peptide fused to gp3. In both custom peptide synthesis containing odd number(s) of Cys should be designed with caution. Also, DNA sequencing of a constructed library before biopanning is highly recommended for finding unexpected bias.
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