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new approach to the simultaneous chemical synthesis of large numbers of different peptide sequences is described


The particular features of the method presented are:-cellulose paper discs serve as solid supports for individual custom peptide synthesis,-the custom peptide synthesis are linked to the cellulose via a p-alkoxybenzyl ester anchor cleavable by mild treatment with trifluoroacetic acid in dichloromethane,-the syntheses of peptides are accomplished using N-.alpha.-Fmoc protected amino acids,-all reactions are carried out in a simple multi-column continuous flow device with the cellulose discs tightly stacked in column reactors,-as many as 100 discs can be reacted simultaneously with the same amino acid derivative in one reaction column.
Polymers have played an integral role in the advancement of drug delivery technology by providing controlled release of therapeutic agents in constant doses over long periods, cyclic dosage, and tunable release of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs. From early beginnings using off-the-shelf materials, the field has grown tremendously, driven in part by the innovations of chemical engineers. Modern advances in drug delivery are now predicated upon the rational design of polymers tailored for specific cargo and engineered to exert distinct biological functions. In this review, we highlight the fundamental drug delivery systems and their mathematical foundations and discuss the physiological barriers to drug delivery. We review the origins and applications of stimuli-responsive polymer systems and polymer therapeutics such as polymer-protein and polymer-drug conjugates. The latest developments in polymers capable of molecular recognition or directing intracellular delivery are surveyed to illustrate areas of research advancing the frontiers of drug delivery.
custom peptide synthesis
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