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Research Development


1)      Peptide APIs custom manufacturing. We have developed processes for several peptide APIs. And we can offer the peptide APIs custom manufacturing for our customers following the GMP guidelines.

2)      Peptide fragments custom manufacturing. We can make peptide fragments according to the amino acids sequences and specifications which the customers required.

3)      Protected amino acids and their derivatives. Our chemists have more than twenty years experience on manufacturing protected amino acids. Furthermore, we have strategic partners for the protecting reagents, like FMOC-Cl, CBZ-Cl, BOC, and MOC-Cl. So we can supply single protected or double protected amino acids to our customers.

4)      Peptide modification. We can do C-modification, N-modification, Cyclization, C-labeling, Fluorescence Labeling, and other special modification for peptides.

5)      Other peptides reagents. Basing on the special resources of FMOC-Cl, CBZ-Cl, BOC, and MOC-Cl, we can make CBZ-OSU, FMOC-OSU, DSC, etc.

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